at the Process Control & Informatics Unit


Philip Doganis

  • Post-Doctoral Research Associate
  • Process Control & Informatics Unit
    Sector ΙΙ (Analysis, Design and Development of Processes and Systems)

  • School of Chemical Engineering, N.T.U.A.
    Zografou Campus
    Athens 157 80

  • Phone.: +30-210-772.3236, Fax:+30- 210-772.3138

  • e-mail:



Research Interests



Research Interests

  • Mathematical Modeling and Optimization
  • Cheminformatics and Bioinformatics
  • Data Mining
  • Machine Learning



  • Optimization of power production through coordinated use of hydroelectric and conventional power units. Doganis P., Sarimveis H.  2013. Applied Mathematical Modelling . Applied Mathematical Modelling, 2014, 38 (7–8): 2051–2062.
  • An Adaptive Model Predictive Control configuration for Production- Inventory Systems. Eleni Aggelogiannaki, Philip Doganis and Haralambos Sarimveis. International Journal of Production Economics, July 2008, 114, 1, 165-178
  • A combined model predictive control and time series forecasting framework for production-inventory systems. Philip Doganis, Eleni Aggelogiannaki and Haralambos Sarimveis. International Journal of Production Research. 2008, 46 (24), pp. 6841-6853.
  • Optimal production scheduling for the dairy industry. Philip Doganis and Haralambos Sarimveis. Annals of Operations Research, March 2008, 159 (1): 315-331.
  • Optimal scheduling in a yogurt production line based on mixed integer linear programming. Philip Doganis and Haralambos Sarimveis.  Journal of Food Engineering. 80 (2): 445-453 May 2007.
  • Time series sales forecasting for short shelf-life food products based on artificial neural networks and evolutionary computing. Philip Doganis, Alex Alexandridis, Panagiotis Patrinos and Haralambos Sarimveis. Journal of Food Engineering, 75, 2, July 2006, 196-204.
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