The laboratory of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry has the responsibility of educating students of Chemical Engineering, Mining and Metallurgical Engineering, and Civil Engineering, in the courses of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry.

The five years of education comprise the development of simple concepts into advanced ones, supported by corresponding laboratory practice of the students in classic and modern methods of analysis.

The basic and applied research topics of interest to the Laboratory are:

  • High Pressure Liquid Chromatography (HPLC).
  • Chemistry and Technology of Al-Si compounds and Cement.
  • Electrometry and Electroanalysis.
  • Metal recovery from Industrial byproducts.
  • Mass Spectroscopy.
  • Chemistry and powder technology.
  • Trace elements analysis.
  • Recovery of compounds of technical-economic interest from various raw materials.
  • Recovery of compounds from plant by-products.
  • High Temperature processes.
  • Selective and pre-conditioned grinding.