Physical Chemistry II : States of Matter - Phase Equilibria
Intermolecular forces. Kinetic theory of dilute gases: Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution of molecular speeds, mean free path, frequency of molecular collisions. Viscosity, thermal conductivity, diffusivity in the gaseous state. Real gases: virial equation of state. Van der Waals equation of state and its predictions for phase equilibria and criticality. Joule-Thomson coefficient. Liquids: vapour pressure, viscosity, surface tension, wetting and spreading, capillary phenomena. Solids: Crystal systems and lattices. Amorphous solids. Heat capacities of solids, elements of Einstein and Debye theories. Multicomponent systems: Partial molar properties. Ideal and real solutions. Fugacity, activity coefficient. Colligative properties (vapour pressure reduction, boiling point elevation, melting point depression, osmotic equilibria). Vapour-liquid equilibria, azeotropes. Partially miscible liquids. Solid-liquid phase diagrams in binary systems. Ňutectic and peritectic points. Ternary mixtures, Gibbs-Roozeboom diagram. Sorption equilibria. Colloids.

Semester : 3rd

Course ID : 5088

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Teachers : Th. Theodorou, G. Papadopoulos

Lab Instructors : Th. Theodorou, D. Demoticali, C. Charitidis, Ch. Karayanni, L. Zoumpoulakis, A. Karantonis, G. Papadopoulos