Electroplating Engineering
BSc, Chemistry, University of Athens, 1973
PhD Chemical Engineering, Nat. Techn. University, 1988
Properties of nickel electrodeposits in relation to their microstructure. Mechanical (e.g. hardness), electrochemical (e.g. efficiency , corrosion) , optical (e.g. diffuse reflectance) and other physicochemical properties (e.g. adsorption , wave length shift of liquid crystals) have been established to be related to the fiber axis of nickel electrodeposits as well as their general micro structural morphology. Applications of the above properties (e.g. black nickel) are being examined.
Laser melting treatment by overlapping passes of preheated nickel electrodeposited coatings on a Al-Si alloy as well as thick chromium electrodeposits on a brass substrate has ameliorated significantly their mechanical properties and their microstructural homogeneity. Unknown binary phases have been also detected in the molten pool and the diffusion zones.