Nanotechnology & Nanomechanical Properties

1989 -  B.Sc. in Physics, AUTh

1995  -   Ph.D. in Physics, AUTh
Current Research Interests

- Materials Sciences & Nanotechnologies, Nanomaterials processing (Synthesis and Deposition), Microstructure - Property Relationship, Multifunctional materials.

- Thin film Technology (PVD, CVD), Ion-beam & plasma assisted surface modification techniques, RF & DC Sputtering, Materials Monitoring and Characterization with in-situ and ex-situ techniques.

-   Structural and Nanomechanical Properties of bulk-thin film-multifunctional materials, Tribology, Contact Mechanics, Adhesion, Fracture and Fatigue of Engineering Materials, Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS), Vacuum Science & Technology, Solid State Physics.

-   Modeling of Mechanical behavior of thin films and devices, Thin film atomic process and devices development, Ion-materials interaction, Interfaces in multifunctional materials at the nanoscale.

-   Ceramic materials & powders, Quantum dots, Composite Materials, Metals, Semi conducting, Renewable materials, Insulating- Ceramic, soft and Polymeric materials.

-   Atomic level processes and growth mechanisms of thin films and coatings, Surface and interface properties, Surface Engineering.

-   Social & Safety implications of Nanotechnology, Forecasting, technological assessment, sustainability studies in nanotechnology.

-  Study of nanomechanical properties in micro- & nano- scale of advanced alloys.

- Nanomechanical properties of nanocomposite elastomer poly-dimethylosilaxane (PDMS) for bioapplicatis and nanostructures:

        - development of suitable experimental protocol and mathematical models (viscoelastic/time-dependant behaviour)
        - interactions between soft matter and tip of nanoindentation system (electrostatic forces, hydrophilicity/hydrophobicity)
        - natural and artificial aging effect on nanomechanical properties.

- Synthesis, study and characterization of advanced metallic matrix with ceramic inclusions of gradient structured materials for automotive applications.

- Nanomechanical properties of innovative composite self-healing coatings, based on nanocontainers which release corrosion inhibitors for applications in shipbuilding and automotive.

- Interfacial study of cells and inorganic materials. Nanomechanical, anticorrosive and bacterial properties of soft matter, organic materials and biomaterials.

- Linear and non-linear mathematical prototype applications in the study of crucial indexes with time (i.e. number of publications, patents, investments) and their correlation with the forecasted development of market and technological maturation.

- Theoretical modeling of nano-drug delivery systems.
Selected Publications - Presentations: