The Laboratory



The Laboratory is located at the NTUA Campus, in Zographou, Athens (Iroon Polytexneiou 9, Zographou Gate, 15780 Zographou) and extends to three main areas:

- Main Laboratory (Polymer Synthesis, Lab-Scale Polymerization Processes, Physicochemical Characterization, Polymer Processing Facilities): 200 sqm.

- Thermal and Mechanical Analysis Laboratory: 50 sqm.

- Laboratory Library and Study Room: 40 sqm.

The LPT is also using about 200 sqm in the Semi-Industrial Unit at the School of Chemical Engineering.


Our facilities support research projects on polymerization processes as well as on polymer modification and processing, while material characterization, such as molecular weight determination, thermal analysis, mechanical and rheological properties, is also feasible. The available major units are stated below:


Polymerization Equipment

-  General purpose polymerization glass reactors equipped with proper systems for stirring and heating

-  High temperature/pressure steel polymerization reactors

-  In particular, for solid state polymerization processes, extended expertise exists on isolating polyamide salts for subsequent polymerization. For the SSP reaction itself, different experimental assemblies of varying monomer size (15 mg up to 30 g) are available





Modification and Processing Equipment

-  Dry blenders

-  Internal mixers

-  Laboratory scale single and twin-screw extruders

-  Thermoforming equipment

-  Injection molding machine, Pilot Scale






Polymer Characterization Equipment

-  Thermal Analysis

-  Mechanical Properties

-  Gas Chromatography