Welcome to our PolymerApps


PolymerApps@NTUA is a Research Group under the supervision of Professor Emeritus Constantine (Costas) D. Papaspyrides, at the Laboratory of Polymer Technology, School of Chemical Engineering, National Technical University of Athens (NTUA).

The establishment of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) dates back to the year of 1837, that is, just a few years after the foundation of the modern Greek State. It is considered as the most prestigious Educational Institution of Greece.

NTUA consists of nine Engineering Departments. The School of Chemical Engineering comprises 14 teaching and research laboratories, one of them the Laboratory of Polymer Technology (LPT). The LPT is historically the first Polymer Laboratory established in Greece. Still it is one of the largest Polymer Units in the country in terms of enrollments and infrastructure.

PolymerApps@NTUA presents extensive research activity in the following fields:

Polyamides / Polyesters Science and Technology. Green Solid State Polycondensation Processes

Migration of Additives from Plastics. Packaging / ”Nano”-Packaging

Polymers and Nanotechnology. Nanocatalysis. Nanocomposites. Flame Retardancy

Polymers and Biotechnology. Biodegradable Polymers

Waste Management and Recycling of Plastics. Recycling and Migration. Recycling of Polymeric Composite Materials

Polymeric Composite Materials / Flexible Textile Structures:  Preparation.  End-Properties Tailoring


Most of the achievements of PolymerApps@NTUA Group have been implemented in collaboration with prestigious Industrial Research Centers and Universities in Europe and USA. Our results have been published in refereed International Scientific Journals, disclosed in International Patents and presented in International Scientific Symposia. PolymerApps@NTUA Group has been funded via numerous National and International Scientific Research Programs.