8th International Meeting on Electrowetting, Athens

The Meeting aims to host key scientists and engineers and provide them the ground for fruitful and pleasant discussions on recent advances in theoretical and technological aspects of electrowetting. This is the 8th in a series of Meetings held at Mons (1999), Eindhoven (2000), Grenoble (2002), Blaubeuren (2004), Rochester (2006), Los Angeles (2008) and Pohang (2010).
The topics that will be covered include principles of electrowetting, modelling and experimental, as well as applications ranging from microfluidics and optics to biomimetics. Especially for this meeting, a series of tutorials covering fundamental electrowetting issues is organized in order to encourage students to participate. Students are strongly encouraged to present their work since ideas are usually connected with them.
The meeting venue is Vouliagmeni, Athens and the attendance will be limited to 100 participants.


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