Precise and targeted system manipulation aiming to obtain desired behavior requires thorough understanding of the underlying mechanisms governing physical limitations and instabilities. My research relies on the combination of realistic simulation and modern surface imaging/ resolved measuring and actuation techniques. In this spirit, engineering and scientific problems are attacked pertaining to interfacial phenomena coupling the interaction of liquids with electromagnetic fields and surface reaction with transport.

Latest News

28.11.2022: Thanasis Papathanasiou, took the 4th place in the Panhellenic Drone-FPV racing competition, held in Karditsa, 21.11.2022.

29.06.2021: Thanasis Papathanasiou joined the Editorial Board of the 'Materials' Journal.

10.11.2020: Our research group at the cover page of the Nat. Tech. Univ. Athens (NTUA) newspaper, Promitheas, Vol 16. Read the article (in Greek).

13.10.2020: A new version of DropToolKit (now named DropUI) has been released. It is a free web-based interface for measuring contact angle and surface tension and doesn't require any installation. Just register to use it.

11.11.2019: Pollux, the CHEM-E-CAR student team of our School achieved the 5th position among 42 teams (see the results page) at the CHEM-E-CAR competition, held in Orlando, USA (Announcement in Greek).

Congratulations guys. Good job !

14.5.2019: Dionysis Sema, our former Diploma Thesis student, was awarded the Best Diploma Thesis Award of the year 2018, in the Section II of our School. See the announcement (in Greek)

29.6.2018: Our former Postdoctoral researcher, Dr. Mihalis Kavousanakis, was elected Assistant Professor at the NTUA School of Chemical Engineering. Congratulations Mike!

20.12.2017: DropToolKit latest version has been released.

1.9.2017: Interview of Thanasis Papathanasiou (YouTube link) at the '' National Documentation Centre'' (EKT) (in Greek)

9.6.2017: Our research associate, Dr. George Karapetsas, was elected Assistant Professor at the Dept. of Chemical Engineering of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Congratulations George!

5.3.2017: Press release. The ''HYDROPHO-CHEAP'' project at: Documento (in printed form) Greek newspaper

28.2.2017: Nikos Chamakos successfully defended his Doctoral Thesis entitled ''Design of micro- and nano-structured surfaces with tunable wettability''.
Congratulations Niko !

15.2.2017: Interview at ERT radio (in Greek)

4.2.2017: Press release. The ''HYDROPHO-CHEAP'' project at: Eleftheros Typos (in printed form) and Ethnos Greek newspapers.

31.1.2017: Our project ''HYDROPHO-CHEAP'' has been accepted for funding by the ERC (European Research Council) through a PoC (Proof of Concept) grant. Press release at the ERC and at 'Kathimerini'' Greek newspaper (in printed form), Athens News Agency - Macedonian Press Agency (ANA-MPA).