at the Process Control & Informatics Unit


Georgia Tsiliki

Research Associate

Process Control & Informatics Unit, Room H1.401
Sector ΙΙ (Analysis, Design and Development of Processes and Systems)
School of Chemical Engineering, N.T.U.A.,
Zografou Campus,
Athens 157 80,
Phone.: +30-210-772.3236
Fax:+30- 210-772.3138


Research Interests

  • Statistical modelling (Bayesian statistics & Markov Chain Monte Carlo)
  • Bioinformatics, Systems Biology
  • Genomics/ transcriptomics & genetics
  • Cheminformatics & QSAR modelling
  • e-Collaboration, Technology-Enhanced Learning


  • PhD, Department of Mathematics, Imperial College London (2003 - 2007)
  • MSc in Statistics, Department of Statistics, University College London (2002 - 2003)
  • BSc in Statistics and Actuarial Science, University of Piraeus (1996 - 2000)




  • Tsiliki G (2014) A Bayesian model for biclustering with multi-platform transcriptomics data applications. In preparation.
  • Tsiliki G, Tsaramirsis K, Kossida S (2014) AmalgamScope: merging annotation data across the human genome. In press Biomed Res Int, Big Data and Network Biology issue.
    Software link:
  • Tsiliki G, Kossida S, Friesen N, Ruepin S, Tzagarakis M, Karacapilidis N (2014) A data mining based approach for collaborative analysis of biomedical data. In press Int J Artif Intell T, June 2014.
  • Andreadis C, Nikolaou C, Fragiadakis GS, Tsiliki G, Alexandraki D (2013) Rad9 interacts with Aft1 to Facilitate Genome Surveillance in Fragile Genomic Sites under non-DNA Damage Inducing Conditions in S. cerevisiae. Under review in Nucleic Acids Research.
  • Tsiliki G, Vlachakis D, Kossida S (2014) On integrating multi-experiment gene expression data. Phil Trans R Soc A, Storage and Indexing of massive data issue, 372, 20130132; doi:10.1098/rsta.2013.0136.
    Code link:
  • C. Sofia Carvalho, Dimitrios Vlachakis, Georgia Tsiliki, Megalooikonomou V, Kossida S (2013) Protein signatures using electrostatic molecular surfaces in harmonic space. PeerJ, 185.
  • Vlachakis D, Tsiliki G, Pavlopoulou A, Champeris-Tsaniras S, Kossida S (2013) Antiviral Stratagems against HIV-1 using RNA interference (RNAi) technology. Evol Bioinform; 9: 203-213.
  • Tsiliki G, Tzagarakis M, Kastania A, Christodoulou S, Kossida S, and Karacapilidis N (2012) An innovative approach to enhance collaboration in the biomedical field. Intern J Syst Biol Biomed Techn; 2(1): 51-64.
  • Vlachakis D, Pavlopoulou A, Tsiliki G, Komiotis D, Stathopoulos C, Balatsos N, Kossida S (2012) An intergraded in silico approach to design specific inhibitors targeting human poly(A)-speci_c ribonuclease. PLoS ONE; 7(12):e51113.
  • Vlachakis D, Tsiliki G, Carvalho CS, Tsagrasoulis D, Megalooikonomou V, Kossida S (2012) Speeding up the drug discovery process: structural similarity searches using molecular surfaces. EMBNet.journal; 18(1): 6-9.
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  • Tsiliki G, Kossida S (2011) Fusion Methodologies for Biomedical Data, J Proteomics; 74(12): 2774-85.
  • Anagnostopoulos A, Tsiliki G, Spyrou G, Tsangaris GT (2011) Bioinformatic approaches in the discovery of reproduction-related biomarkers, Expert Rev Proteomics; 8(2): 187-195.
  • Tsiliki G, Zervakis M, Ioannou M, Sanidas E, Stathopoulos E, Potamias G, Tsiknakis M, Kafetzopoulos D (2011) Multi-platform Data Integration in Microarray Analysis. IEEE Trans Inf Technol Biomed; 15(6): doi:10.1109/TITB. 2011.2158232.
  • Zervakis M, Blazadonakis ME, Tsiliki G, Danilatou V, Tsiknakis M, Kafetzopoulos D (2009) Outcome Prediction Based on Microarray Analysis: A Critical Perspective on Methods. BMC Bioinformatics; 10(53): doi:10.1186/1471-2105-10-53.


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