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The Biotechnology Laboratory was officially founded in the 6th of April 2001 and is located within the School of Chemical Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens, Greece


The main scope of the activities associated with the laboratory is to serve educational and research needs in the context of understanding microbial, animal and plant cells and moreover, promote the exploitation of enzymes, sub-cellular systems and biomolecules with an ultimate objective to provide specific products and processes regarding the vast scientific area of Biotechnology










Research Activities



The Biotechnology Laboratory is currenlty active in a broad range of scientific fields related -but not limited- to biotechnology:


   Microbial and Enzyme Biotechnology



    Biocatalysis and Biotransformation



    Industrial Biotechnology



    Biofuels - Enzymatic Production of Biodiesel



    Systems Biotechnology



    Systems Physiology and Bioengineering



Systems Biology and Bioinformatics



Laboratory Infrastructure



Bioreactors of Solid and Submerged

Culture (Laboratory and Pilot Scale)


Biomolecule Purification - Recovery - Analysis Systems (Ultracentrifuge,Centrifuge, Chromatography-Electrophoresis)


Analytical Devices (GC, HPLC, Spectrophotometers)


PCR, Sterility Chambers for Cell Culture


Microbial Culture (Incubators) and Cell Disruption (Ultrasound, High-pressure Homogenizer) Devices


Ultrafiltration Systems, Spray and Freeze Dryers


 Robust Computing and Bioinformatic Unit (Two Private Powerful Servers)



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