Application of enzymes in Food Industry

Enzymatic bioprocesses have found extensive application in the food sector, due to the need for environmentally clean, consumer-safe products, together with sustainable production methods. Moreover, in the recent years there is growing consumer demand for natural products, with improved, health-promoting properties, such as functional foods. Therefore, biocatalysis can be employed for the pretreatment of food and drink products, for the synthesis of natural food additives, such as antioxidant and UV-protecting agents, for the improvement of shelf life of food products, for the improvement of organoleptic properties, and others. Discovery and application of novel enzymes is a powerful tool to design and optimize novel bioprocesses, minimizing the procedure cost, and avoiding the use of harmful chemical additives, preservatives and solvents. Moreover, enzymes could be used as cost-effective biocatalysts for the environmentally benign treatment of the waste residues of the food industry, offering the added advantage of waste valorization towards high added-value products.

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