Dr Evangelos Topakas

Associate Professor, NTUA

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Contact details:

tel:+30 210 7723264, email: vtopakas@chemeng.ntua.gr,

Work address: National Technical University of Athens, School of Chemical Engineering

9 Iroon Polytechniou Str, Zografou Campus, GR-15780



Dr Topakas has a degree in Chemistry (distinguished; Aristotle University, Department of Chemistry, Thessaloniki, Greece) and he took his PhD in Industrial Biotechnology in 2004 at National Technical University of Athens (NTUA, Greece). He has worked as a Research Associate in the Institute for Cell and Molecular Biosciences, University of Newcastle upon Tyne and in the Biotechnology Laboratory at NTUA. In 2010, he visited Chalmers University as Visiting Assistant Professor. On January 2012, he worked as a Lecturer, while on November 2014 he continued as an Assistant Professor. Since July 2019, he appointed as an Associate Professor in the field of Industrial Biotechnology, School of Chemical Engineering, Department of Synthesis and Development of Industrial Processes, NTUA. On March 2015 till today, Dr Topakas has also been appointed as a visiting Associate Professor in the Chemical Engineering Division of the Department of Civil, Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering, Lulea University of Technology, Sweden, expanding his collaboration and experience in North Europe. His research experience includes the discovery of industrial enzymes for the utilization of residual biomass for the production of 2nd generation liquid biofuels and high-added value compounds in the field of Biorefineries. For the production of energy, chemicals and materials utilizing waste biomass, on behalf of the Industrial Biotechnology concept, conventional and modern omics technologies were employed (Bioinformatics, Genomics, Proteomics) in combination with Genetic and Protein Engineering tools to investigate and modify biocatalytic systems of bacteria and fungi. The heterologous overexpression of target enzymes with industrial potential in microbial hosts, such as Pichia pastoris and Escherichia coli, allows their Biotechnological evaluation, as well as their study of the structure/function relationship and regulatory mechanisms of saprophytic terrestrial and marine microorganisms. His research activities cross the borders of different synergistic disciplines requiring the active participation of engineers, biochemists, molecular biologists and physicists. Dr Topakas is better prepared to overcome challenges with the orchestration of the activities of researchers from different disciplines in order to achieve a common goal. His experience in academia, handling students and supervising very ambitious researchers at the BSc, MSc & PhD level, molded his philosophy that believes in a custom-made policy to suit the specific interest of each researcher.


Dr Topakas has co-authored and participated in more than 30 National and European Research Programs, while his research activity is documented in numerous peer-reviewed publications in International Scientific Journals and Book chapters in the field of Industrial Biotechnology and Biocatalysis (see Publications page for more details). There are more than 80 researchers that appear as co-authors in his publication list, which displays Dr Topakas ability to interact successfully with diverse personalities and educational backgrounds.


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