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We are the iGEM Athens team for the iGEM 2018 Competition.
Welcome to our website!

iGEM Competition

The international synthetic biology competition iGEM will take place this year, for the fifteenth time, in October, 25-28, in Boston, MA, USA.

It is addressed to college and high-school students and gives them the opportunity to explore the limits of synthetic biology, by facing the challenges of modern times. In last year’s competition there were 310 participations from over 40 countries around the world. Read more...

Our Project

Our project aims to the design of an easy to use and reliable test for on-time diagnosis of the MERS-CoV virus.

This virus attacks the human respiratory system and has a high mortality rate. WHO has declared MERS-CoV as one of the most likely to cause a future epidemic. Read more...

Team News

  • (15/11/2018) We presented our project at the Hellenic Pasteur Institute, as part of the YouPIs (Young Pasteur Institute Investigators) open seminars!
  • (12/11/2018) Our team speaks at the greek radio show “Good Day, All Day” at the station News 24/7. You can listen to our interview in the 65th minute of the broadcast, in this link link .
  • (28/10/2018) Our team received a bronze award at the iGEM 2018 Competition! You can view the results here .
  • (17/10/2018) Our work for the iGEM competition was just submitted! You can view it here .
  • (16/7/2018) Many thanks to Dr. Konstantinos Vavitsas for sharing our project at PLOS SynBio blog!
  • (10/6/2018) The first Synthetic Biology Workshop for University Students is here! Thursday, July 5th @ NTUA. For more information, click here!
  • (6/6/2018) Our experiments at Hellenic Pasteur Institute have already started!
  • (3/5/2018) We begin a series of visits in our local high schools to present our work! First stop: Arsakeia in Psychico !
  • (25/4/2018) Recruitment is over! We are happy to add Panos in our roster! Check our facebook page for more info!
  • (30/3/2018) In order to ensure the viability of our project, we started a fundraiser! Click here to help us reach our target!
  • (17/3/2018) Our team is recruiting new members. Click here to apply!
  • (5/3/2018) iGEM Athens is going to participate in Athens Science Festival, April 24th-29th at Technopolis City of Athens. Be there to catch up with our work!
  • (3/2/2018) We joined Facebook!
  • (9/12/2017) Our team officially started this project!