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Dimitris Hatziavramidis


  • Is a Professor in Chemical Engineering at the National Technical University of Athens in Greece and a Fellow of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers 
  • Was  a faculty member (School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering - Cornell University, Department of Chemical & Biological Engineering ? Illinois Institute of Technology, Department of Mathematics ? Randolph-Macon College) in USA for a number of years, recognized for his teaching and research and also his ability to connect engineering education and industrial production
  • Was a senior professional staff  member and senior consultant in a number of US companies for several years  in the oil, chemical, plastics and pharmaceutical products business (Shell Oil, Mobil Oil, Arco Oil & Gas, General Electric, etc) and has a proven record of experience in industrial R & D, technology transfer, manufacturing, and natural resources  recovery
  • Believes that an engineer
    • Is a solver of problems in applied science and technology, which he reduces to mathematical problems and solves these by making the right number of justifiable approximations,
    • Knows the way to apply fundamental principles of natural sciences (mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology) in analysis and synthesis, and
    • Makes always an effort to connect his work to production (manufacturing, construction) and strives to maintain, through his work, a balance among society, environment and economy


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