National Technical University of Athens
School of Chemical Engineering


Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, University of Johns Hopkins, Baltimore, MD, USA; Fall semester 2018-2019

It is the goal of this course to move the graduate student (and advanced undergraduate student) from the introductory level of transport phenomena (undergraduate) to a level that will allow them to be effective in researching transport-related topics in a variety of biomedical, chemical and biochemical engineering areas. The basic equations that govern mass, momentum, and energy transport will be derived and used to solve problems that demonstrate the physical insight necessary to apply these equations to original situations. Some topics include solution techniques utilizing expansions of harmonic functions, singularity solutions, lubrication theory for flow in confined geometries, boundary layer theory, Stokes flow, forced convection, buoyancy-driven flow, Taylor-Aris dispersion, and reaction-diffusion systems.

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