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School of Chemical Engineering
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The development and utilization of numerical methods of large-scale, computer-aided analysis. Central are: discretization methods of partial differential equations based on the combination of Galerkin weighted residuals and finite element basis functions; computer-implemented methods of bifurcation theory for nonlinear analysis; iterative methods for the solution of large, linearized equation sets and for eigenvalue computations. The recent research directions are towards the implementation of Krylov-type methods, matrix-free computations and coarse bifurcation analysis – all adapted to the needs for efficient computing on parallel processors.
High-performance computing facilities are in house: "Pegasus", a 16 dual node cluster and "Andromeda", a hybrid CPU/GPU cluster.

Part of this research is carried out in collaboration with Prof. Yannis Kevrekidis at the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Johns Hopkins University, USA

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