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Interfacial. phenomena. in. electro. and. magneto. fluid. mechanics

The interaction of interfacial force with electric or magnetic force produces interesting phenomena, such as instabilities, breakups, pattern formation, capillary electrowetting.

In particular, the competition of magnetic force with interfacial force and gravity sets in at interfaces between fluids of different magnetic polarizability and causes instabilities that produce strikingly patterned static interfacial deformations. The investigation aims at illuminating the mechanisms of pattern selection.

Recent, ongoing research focuses on electrowetting in microfluidics: The interaction of electric force and capillary force enhances wetting of dielectric substrates by conducting liquids. However, the enchancement is limited by contact angle saturation. A possible connection between dielectric breakdown and saturation is investigated.

In the broader context of the design and fabrication of reversible hydrophobic/hydrophilic surfaces for micro- and nano-fluidics applications was the research project DESIREDROP (2012-2015), a "THALIS" project funded by the Ministry of Education through the National Strategic Reference Framework.

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