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From Giorgos Gakis doctoral thesis defense, October 2019

Defending their Diploma theses; left to right: Lampros Papaspyros, Alexander Sourais, Thanos Nikas, Antonis Dafnomilis. July 2019.

Andreas Hadjigeorgiou presenting at the 12th Panhellenic Chemical Engineering Conference (left) and delivering a speech at the 2019 Graduation Ceremony of the Chemical Engineering School (right). May 2019.

Cutting of New Year's Cake at "Solar" Lab. 8 February 2019.

With my students in "Advanced Transport Phenomena" course, Fall 2018, Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Johns Hopkins Univ.
Among them my Teaching Assistant, G. Psarellis. Picture taken last day of classes, 5 December 2018, at Maryland Room 110.

Left: In a corridor of Maryland Hall, Johns Hopkins Univ. From left to right, Yorgos Psarellis, now at Johns Hopkins;
Nikolas Evangelou, now at Johns Hopkins; Nikos Memmos, now at Univ. Minnesota.
Right: A night ride at Baltimore downtown, November 2018.

Former advisees and advisor meet at the AIChE Annual Meeting, Pittsburgh, October 2018.
Left: Yannis Lignos; Diploma 2009, now at MIT. Right: Michalis Stamatakis; Diploma 2004, now at UCL.

Myrto Despotopoulou defending her Diploma thesis; the French and Greek supervisors join in from abroad. October 2018.

George Patridas defending his Diploma thesis, September 2018

Elise Loppinet with her Diploma thesis coach Antony Fytopoulos, right after her Diploma thesis defense. July 2018

Pavlos Gkinis presenting at the 9th GRACM International Congress on Computational Mechanics, June 2018.

Taken after the diploma thesis defense of Brendon Ong, senior undergraduate student at Univ. of Edinburgh - Erasmus diploma thesis student at NTUA.
From left to right: A. Boudouvis, Pavlos Gkinis, Brendon Ong, Dimitris Gerogiorgis, A. Karantonis, Giorgos Gakis (19 December 2017)

The CMAC Days 2017 organizing committee in action. Top left: M. Kassalia, A. Boudouvis, E. Koronaki, P. Gkinis, G. Gakis.
Top right: J. Tzigounakis et al. Bottom left: Y. Aviziotis and E. Koronaki in the foreground. Bottom right: P. Gkinis and G. Gakis at gala dinner.
Athens, 20-23 November 2017.

Nikos Memmos (left) and George Psarellis (right) presenting at the 11th Panhellenic Chemical Engineering Conference, Thessaloniki, 25-27 May 2017

George Psarellis defending his Diploma thesis, February 2017

Elise Loppinet, Giannis Giannikopoulos (middle) and Dimitris Papadimitriou at the Chem-e-car competition, AIChE Annual Conference, San Francisco, November 2016 (prior to joining our group as Diploma thesis students)

From Yiannis Aviziotis doctoral thesis defense, November 2016

Thodoris-Nestoras Papapetrou defending his diploma thesis, October 2016

Yannis Aviziotis enjoys the company of his 3 PhD thesis co-advisors in Lucern, Switzerland, during a long break from the EUROCVD-20 Conference, July 2015. From left to right: AB, YA, Constantin Vahlas (CIRIMAT/Toulouse), Thomas Duguet (CIRIMAT/Toulouse)

From Dimitris Papageorgiou doctoral thesis defense, October 2014

From Nikos Cheimarios doctoral thesis defense, March 2012

The 7th GRACM International Congress on Computational Mechanics organizational "dream team" (part of). Top: From left to right, M. Kavousanakis, S. Garnelis, N. Cheimarios, D. Papageorgiou, M. Alifierakis, N. Chamakos, K. Trikouraki. Middle: From left to right, G. Kokkoris, A. Spyropoulos, A. Papathanasiou. Bottom: From left to right, J. Tzigounakis, A. Spyropoulos, A. Boudouvis, M. Kavousanakis (July 2011).

Eleni Koronaki presenting at the 7th GRACM International Congress on Computational Mechanics, July 2011.

Nikos Cheimarios presenting at the 7th GRACM International Congress on Computational Mechanics, July 2011.

From left to right; front: A. Papathanasiou, M. Kavousanakis, N. Cheimarios, A. Boudouvis, M. Kairi; back: E. Voyiatzis, A. Spyropoulos, A. Drygiannakis, G. Pashos. Taken after the doctoral thesis defense of Michalis Kavousanakis (2007).

Antonis Spyropoulos is wondering why Michalis Kavousanakis is relaxing.

Nikos Cheimarios seduced by the screen.

George Pashos on the move.

Antonis Spyropoulos, Antons Drygiannakis and Nikos Cheimarios dressed in smiles, while George Pashos tries to keep his mouth shut.

A. Boudouvis, Thanasis Papathanasiou and Andreas Yiotis posing as tourists in Reno, Nevada, Nov. 2001.

From left to right; seated: Niki and Antonis Spyropoulos, George Georgiou, A. Boudouvis, Eleni Koronaki; standing: Andreas and Dora Yiotis, Elli Keramida. Post-conference dinner in Barcelona, 2000.


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