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Evangelos Topakas (PhD, Lecturer)


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  2000 - 2004 



Areas of Research Activities


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Research Experience-Participation in Research Programmes

6.  December 2006 – September 2007: Research Associate

Biotechnology Laboratory, School of Chemical Engineering, National Technical University of Athens, Athens, Greece.‘Methodology for the production of Biological fuel (Biodiesel) from Microalgae’ Under the supervision of Associate Professor P. Christakopoulos.

PENED research project funded by General Secretariat of Research and Technology ‘Production and purification of plant origin esterases with different specificity related to the structure of phenolic acids involved in the disassociation of xylan.’ Under the supervision of Associate Professor P. Christakopoulos

1. November 1999 – March 2000: Research Assistant

PROCTER & GAMBLE funded research project
‘Production and characterization of enzymes with detergent activity.’
 Under the supervision of Associate Professor P. Christakopoulos

Research Experience in Foreign Institutes


Publications (Citation Index) h-index 16, >600 citations

32. Montanier C., Money V.A, Pires V.M.R., Flint J.E., Pinheiro B.A., Goyal A., Prates J.A.M., Izumi A., Stalbrand H., Morland C., Cartmell A., Kolenova K., Topakas E., Dodson E.J., Bolam D.N., Davies G.J., Fontes C.M.G.A. & Gilbert H.J. (2009). The active site of a carbohydrate esterase displays divergent catalytic and non-catalytic binding functions. PLOS Biology, 7 (3), e1000071.

23. Xiros C., Topakas E., Katapodis P. & Christakopoulos P. (2008). Hydrolysis and fermentation of brewer’s spent grain by Neurospora crassa. Bioresource Technology, 99, pp. 5427-5435.

22. Vafiadi C., Topakas E., Alissandratos A., Faulds C.B. & Christakopoulos P. (2007). Enzymatic synthesis of butyl hydroxycinnamates and their inhibitory effects on LDL-oxidation. Journal of Biotechnology, 133, pp. 497-504.

4. Panagiotou G., Topakas E., Economou L., Kekos D., Macris B.J., Christakopoulos P. (2003). Induction, purification, and characterization of two extracellular a-L-arabinofuranosidases from Fusarium oxysporum. Canadian Journal Microbiology, 49, pp. 639-644.

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